Invalid or Fraud Clicks for Cost Per Click (PPC) Ads

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When you invest in Google Ads, your hope is to drive clicks, traffic and ultimately: conversions. But what happens when the clicks on your ads are not from prospective customers but rather malicious parties or competitors who play unfairly, who want to drain or deplete your ad budget? Clixpert Digital Agency in Sydney offers services to monitor and tackle Invalid or Fraudulent Clicks. Also, apps such as the Invalid/Fraud Click Apps are great tools to help you combat click fraud and ensure your marketing budget does not get drained by such nefarious activities.

Prevent Invalid Clicks and Maximize ROI

How to prevent invalid clicks and maximize ROI?

Competitors or a cyber ring clicking their ads off is a major concern for PPC (pay per click) advertisers. Click fraud costs PPC advertisers millions of dollars each year in Advertising Cost, and is an issue that requires expert assistance to tackle. The loss is in fact even more when you consider the loss of sales or bookings, leading to revenue losses in millions of dollars.

So What Happens If Competitors Click The Ads Out?

Invalid or Fraud clicks can cost you precious Ad money that could have otherwise been used to gain new customers, sales or bookings for your business. Clixpert Digital Media has put together this guide below to help you understand what “Invalid Clicks” are, how they can affect your Google Adword Campaigns (or Pay Per Click Ads) and how to prevent them. Don’t let Click Fraud drain your marketing budget. It’s time to get informed and take control of your PPC campaign.

What Is an Invalid or Fraudulent Click?

An Invalid Click can be something as innocuous as someone accidentally clicking on the Ad when they have no intention of buying the product/service. Of course, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, invalid clicks could be the result of your competitor or malicious bots clicking on your ad to “sabotage your campaign”, drive up your marketing costs and make you deplete your budget cap early on in the day so your ad turns itself off once that happens.

How Much Does Click Fraud Affect Your Marketing?

All the major search engine platforms have their own anti-click fraud programs. But the fact of the matter is that none of these programs are 100% effective and can possibly be biased. Despite their best efforts, it’s not realistic to expect Google or other search platforms to be able to identify each and every invalid click, and then refund your money.

Anti-Click Fraud Program

Protect Your Ads from Bogus Clicks That Cost You Money

The key takeaways here are:

  • Click Fraud continues to be a problem, despite the steps taken by search engines to stop it.
  • None of the anti-click fraud programs put in place by search platforms are 100% effective.
  • Advertisers must take extra measures to help prevent the issue of “invalid or fraud clicks”.


We Can Help You Combat Click Fraud

So, what can you do about those invalid clicks that slip through the cracks? This is where you can step up and take control of your PPC AdWords campaign. Clixpert Digital offers Services to Monitor, Manage and Report Click Fraud:

  1. We have a team of experts who will work round the clock to ensure your AdWords campaign is getting the right exposure and your marketing budget is not being wasted on “invalid clicks” by bots. We can provide you with realtime data to help you understand who’s clicking on your Ads and take the necessary steps to minimise Invalid Clicks.
  2. Automatically send fraudulent IPs to google in real-time making sure bots, competitors or any harmful sources do not get the opportunity to click on your ads
  3. You can also opt to sign up for the Invalid /Fraud Click App (install on your smartphone), which makes it easy and effortless for you to monitor the clicks you get on your ad campaigns and get real time data of the invalid clicks while on the go. You can then share this information with Google to try and resolve the issue.

Act Now to Maximise Your Budget

For more information on the Invalid Click App and how it can help you, get in touch now on 1300 254 973 or by email, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss it with you without any obligation to sign up.

Know The Statistics of Invalid Clicks

It’s estimated that for every five dollars spent on Google Ads, one dollar gets wasted on Invalid Clicks. Invalid /Fraud Click App was created specifically to help you tackle this issue.

Quick & Easy Setup

It takes just a few minutes to set up and start using the app. We know you want instant results and the app gives you exactly that. The user interface is simple so there’s no learning curve. You can set up and start using the app at once or within a few minutes.

Eliminate Invalid Clicks and Increase Legitimate Engagement

With the Invalid Click App, you can spot and report invalid clicks to ensure your ad is being seen and clicked on by the right audience. You can stop being passive and take an active part in curbing invalid clicks and getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to online advertising.

Training & Support

User-friendly app means you shouldn’t have any trouble with it. But if you do, our friendly and efficient support team will be happy to assist and guide you.

Safe & Secure

The Invalid Click App will keep all your information secure.

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