Social Media Advertising ( Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest etc )

When getting your brand out there, you'll want to take advantage of the many different avenues that the internet has to offer. With the ability for advertising campaigns to flourish on social media platforms such as Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest, these platforms be considered as a part of your marketing campaign.

At Clixpert, our experts can help to create an advertising campaign for your business that is guaranteed to give you the great return on investment you are looking for. With our expert knowledge on Social Media Advertising, you can trust that when things are left in our hands, we'll utilise the best avenues to bring you the highest ROI.



YouTube boasts a whopping 1 billion unique visitors on a monthly basis, that's approximately 1/7th of the world's population. Evidently, there's no way that this 1/7th won't include your target group which means that Youtube advertising is definitely something that will get your company's name and your brand out there. Additionally, studies have shown that images are processed faster than words meaning that when advertising with Youtube, it takes a shorter period of time for viewers to connect with your ad.

Of course, there's a right way and a wrong way to do things and that's why Clixpert is here. When advertising through Youtube, you want to ensure that your ad has the impact that it's intended to have. Our experts will ensure that things flow in the right direction!

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Behind Google, Facebook is the second most visited and thus, the second most popular website on the internet. With an in excess of 200 million unique visitors per month, there's no doubt about the multitude of traffic that Facebook generates. When seeking platforms on which to advertise, Facebook simply cannot be overlooked.With a greater segment of the population (covering men, women and all age groups) that turns to the social network on a daily, monthly and annual basis, the potential that you'll be seen by your target group is exceptionally great.



LinkedIn, has a reach of in excess of 200 million and is also to be considered when looking at Social Media Ad campaigns. One of the greatest things about advertising on LinkedIn is the great deal of information you'll be able to get on your target group in terms of job title, skills, and interests. When advertising on LinkedIn, you'll also be able to be a bit more specific as pinpointing your target group will come with great ease.


Google Plus

Google+ is a must for business who wish to improve their rankings in the world's most prominent search engine, Google. You will, therefore, want to ensure that this is another social network platform that you stay active on and that your posts are working to your benefit. Through doing so, you will be taking advantage of in excess of 600 million users and the ability to enhance the search visibility of your company.



Last, but by no means least, there's Pinterest. A website based on infographics that have been all the craze as of recently. With 70 million users in total and 53 million unique users each month, there's quite the potential available on this website. Pinterest is therefore a great avenue to use when introducing new products or raising awareness about your brand.

At Clixpert, our Social Network Advertising gurus will allow you to experience all the marketing power that platforms like Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube hold. We'll develop the right marketing strategies for your business and utilise best the practices to get your brand out there and building its reputation one step at a time. In return, you'll be looking at increased recognition, more sales and a larger awareness amongst your target group.

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We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to create a groundbreaking advertising campaign.

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