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Since 2009, Clixpert has been at the forefront of Online Website marketing. By focusing on your needs and objectives, we can help you take your business to the top. Our EXPERIENCE in this business means that you get to concentrate on those things YOU do best whilst letting Clixpert, the EXPERTS in online marketing, do what we do best- to ensure that your products or services are reaching the right people at the right time in the right place. But it doesn't end there because SUCCESS in this business depends on converting the "right people" into the perfect customers.

Website Portfolio

Thinking outside the box is important in website design and you can rest assured that Clixpert knows how to interpret your ideas and translate them onto paper. We make it sound easy because we are SPECIALISTS and can TRANSFORM even the most abstract concept into a digital MASTERPIECE. We can help you with all or any of the following aspects of running your business online:
  • Website design from the basic to the advanced
    It's as easy as Click- Create- Complete
  • Website hosting
    Space- Server – Seen- Success
  • Search Engine Marketing
    Search- Secure- Sale- Success
  • Google Adwords management
    Pinpoint - Persuade- Purchase- Prevail
  • Social Media Marketing
    Peers-Potential- Publish- Prevail
Based in Sydney, but able to operate globally and EXPAND your business BEYOND your wildest imaginings, Clixpert is a qualified Google Adwords Agency. This means that Google has identified Clixpert as a company that EXCELS with Google products. We are also recognised by Google as an integral part of its business – now that's BIG business –and the Google Partner badge confirms our status.

Let's just think about that for a moment. Clixpert is
  • A Google Adwords Agency
  • A preferred partner of Google
  • Authenticated by the Google badge – look out for it
  • Identified by Google as an achiever who excels with Google products
  • Noted, by Google itself, for having customers who are happy
  • Acknowledged for using Google Best Practices in running our own operation
  • Certified by Google as an EXPERT
  • TRUSTED by Google
Allowing Clixpert to manage your website and your Search Engine Marketing Campaigns, (SEO and Pay- Per- Click), means that you are GUARANTEED a return because, while you manage your business, we manage all aspects of your online marketing. Now, that's a win-win situation for sure.

Website Portfolio
We are in the communication business and we know that, at the core of online marketing, lies good communication. You can expect Clixpert to seamlessly manage your online marketing but at the same time you will remain on the pulse of all operations and know exactly where your business is going. Remember, Clixpert is a team of specialists, who can guide you, advise you and assist you with Website start up, Website Redesign, Revamp, Makeover or tweaking here and there, Web applications, E-commerce, Search Engine Marketing (SEO & SEM), Content Management Systems and Online Brand Marketing.

Just help us out by considering what your business is about. Every business deserves a place on the world wide web and, in terms of your target market, the possibilities are endless. Meeting deadlines and establishing time frames make online practices exciting and understanding your goals and objectives means that Clixpert will always act in your best interests and with your CORE principles as the starting point of your online marketing strategy.

You know you can't go wrong with Clixpert. Ask us anything, any time and we will give you the BEST advice in the most applicable circumstances. Just answer the following questions and let's get started on BUILDING your business in the digital marketplace.
1. Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
2. Are you ready to taste success on a DIGITAL scale?
3. Are you ready to meet your newest clients?
4. Are you ready to GROW?
5. Are you ready for SUCCESS?

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